Grace Church Veterans

Each year Grace Episcopal Church parishioners hold Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies for the community at the Grace Church Cemetery, honoring all known veterans buried within the grounds.  This alphabetical listing of veterans, linked to the associated grave monument, is a tribute to them:

  1. LCDR George Adgate, USNR, (4/15/1906-1/12/1974), WWII, Missouri.
  2. Thomas C. Armstrong, Jr.,(10/3/1929-2/8/2009), Korean War, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) graduate.
  3. Col Willlis Edward Beachem, Jr.,USAF,(10/6/1915-6/9/2011), US Coast Guard Auxillary-Division Captain, a Mason.
  4. Anthony Blow, (9/16/1933-11/14/2009), WWII, Germany Army of Occupation.
  5. John M Blow, (10/21/1939-6/2/2011), WWII, Germany Army of Occupation.
  6. LCDR Willits Henry “Bill” Bowditch, USN,(12/26/1913-4/12/1994), WWII, Okinawa, aide to Adm. Jerauld Wright, 5th Amphibious Group.
  7. Philip Stockton Boykin, Sr., USA, (7/29/1922-8/13/2004), WWII, Battle of the Bulge, Purple Heart.
  8. John Ewing Canady, Jr., USN,(2/16/1921-10/15/1992).
  9. James David Carter, Jr.,USA, (10/25/1893-9/11/1976), WWII.
  10. Bernice Thurlow “BT” Clarke, USN, (1/23/1925-6/16/2007).
  11. CWO Wallace Donald Clift, USN, (1934-1992), Korean War & Vietnam, Medic, Army boats, Seamanship Instruction, Fort Eustis, Retired Navy.
  12. CAPT Wesley Randolph Cofer, Jr., USA, (10/10/1920-8/16/1998), WWII, Judge Advocate General.
  13. George Branwell Colonna, Jr., USMC, (8/10/1921-11/20/1997), WWII, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) graduate.
  14. Major Rodney Eslin Cook, USA, (8/13/1898-3/3/1979).
  15. SSGT Alfred Charles Crane, Sn.,USA, (1910-1992), WWII, ETO Artillery.
  16. Annie Laurie Crawford, (2/16/1904-1/27/1995), WWII, Nurse.
  17. Julian Darden, Jr., USMC, (11/24/1920-7/14/2006).
  18. 2LT Herbert Milard Dickinson, Jr., USA, (2/2/1896-8/19/1955), WWI, 5th Prov Training Regiment.
  19. James Condry Dunavant, (4/3/1925-9/19/1997).
  20. Henry “Hank” Elksnin, (6/24/1919-9/24/2007).
  21. George Frederick Emery, (11/13/1942-8/24/2007).
  22. Curtis D. Estridge, USAF, (1/11/1939-11/7/2010), Memorial Garden.
  23. Col George Eisle Fisher, Jr., USA, (8/8/1931-1/4/1985).
  24. Catherine B. Fletcher, USN, (4/22/1907-8/11/1968). WWII.
  25. Hunter George Fletcher, USN, (12/8/1907-3/15/2009), WWII.CWO
  26. CWO3 George Kenneth Garrison, USN, (2/15/1921-10/22/2010), WWII.
  27. Nathanial Waldo Harrison, USMC, (4/26/1913-6/17/1987), WWII.
  28. Nathanial Waldo Harrison, Jr., (7/17/1947-3/17/2006).
  29. Thomas Witt Hix, USA, (3/11/1928-1/14/1992), WWII, Military Police.
  30. Ernest M. Hoover, (1/1/1924-8/14/2006).
  31. John Henry Householder, (5/19/1921-3/12/1999).
  32. Otis Carroll Ingebretisen, USAF, (1/14/1918-8/12/2009), WWII, Distinguished Service Cross, Air Force Cross, 8th Air Force, stationed at Knetshall (UK), flew B-17s and worked at NASA.
  33. Earl Herndon Jenkins, USMC, (3/27/1894-4/234/1963), US Naval Academy – 1916, served in the Pacific, lived in Yorktown.
  34. Private Winborne Terry Jenkins, USA, (11/25/1899-12/29/1973), WWI, University of Virginia graduate.
  35. Edward Theron Johnson, (10/9/1930-2/26/1999).
  36. George William Jones, (5/31/1923-4/7/2007), NASA.
  37. LtCol Gene Liberati, USMC, (4/27/1922-11/1/2011), WWII, CBI Combat Engineer, China Burma Campaign.
  38. Floyd Edward Linday, (4/18/1920-9/9/1995).
  39. Clifton Wells Loveland, USAAC, (7/20/1924-12/14/2002), WWII, Worked 46 years at the Newport News Shipyard, John F. Kennedy Aircraft Carrier designer, retired in 1986.
  40. Edward Allen Mackensie, (4/11/1926-8/6/1985), a Mason.
  41. LCDR John Talbot Manley, USN, (1/26/1911-10/10/1961), WWII.
  42. George Kimball Miller, Jr., USAF, (1937-1982), NASA.
  43. TSGT Herbert R. Moore, Sn., USA, (1917-2000), WWII, Cbi Combat Engineer, China Burma Campaign.
  44. Sadie Crawford Mullen, (6/28/1906-2/7/1988), WWII.
  45. William Nelson IV, (4/25/1845-9/10/1877), Civil War, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) cadet, Battle of New Market, buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas; assume the grave stone at Grace Church is a memorial.
  46. Governor Thomas Nelson, Jr., (12/26/1738-1/4/1789), Revolutionary War, Brig Gen in the Virginia Militia, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd Governor of Virginia, Battle of Yorktown.
  47. Thomas Newman, (1843-1902), Civil War, Confederate States of America.
  48. James Malcom O’Hara, (11/24/1920-7/14/2006), WWII.
  49. Col Augusta Fredrick Penzold, Jr., USMC, (2/18/1913-12/16/1980), WWII, at Pearl Harbor when attacked, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) graduate.
  50. John Anthony Porter, USAAC, (7/21/1921-8/23/2001), WWII.
  51. Lt John Prince, USA, (Dob?-Dod?), WWII, Airborne, last man surviving in company after fighting.
  52. Col George Reed, (10/25/1608-10/1674), Pre-Revolutionary War.
  53. Col Rupert Larry Selman, USAF, (5/1/1920-10/26/2003), WWII.
  54. John Peter Stack, USMC, (9/13/1906-6/18/1972), 29 Palms, California, and NASA.
  55. John Tyler Terrell, USN, (7/17/1926-5/19/1996), WWII.
  56. Evin Robert “Bob” Thomas, USN, (8/29/1946-2/1/2005).
  57. Weimer J. Touvila, Jr., USMC, (9/1/1919-4/30/2004), WWII.
  58. James Henry Viccellio, Jr., (7/18/1921-5/18/2007).
  59. Burnett Grave White, USA, (10/1893-7/1/1983), WWI, Medical.
  60. Steve Zalumas, (4/25/1926-3/13/2003), Teacher and historian.

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