Modern Day Patriots

American Flag flying in Yorktown

“Purpose of web-site”  A group of modern day patriots in Yorktown, Virginia are committed to protect the charm and character of the 17th century English village, and the integrity of the “Commons” known as the waterfront in Historic Yorktown.

Because of the victory by General George Washington’s army in 1781, against England, this set the world’s stage for the 13 colonies to become the United States of America in 1789.

This living neighborhood village from the 1650′s to present, should be preserved for future generations.  People from around the world should be able to walk down Main Street where liberty and freedom was won for all.

This group is seeking transparency and accountability from the York County government, and the National Park Service in Yorktown, Virginia.

A patriot is a person who loves and defends their country.  In the course of these actions that person often disagrees with their government.

The following alphabetical list (by last name) are those considered Yorktown Modern day Patriots: (Select the link to meet and read statement from patriot)