Nelson Gardens

Emma Earnst came to Yorktown a few years ago and mentioned she completed her masters by writing about the Nelsons and the botanical kitchen garden.  The linked document is magnificent study and will enlighten your view of colonial gardening times.  When tourist visited the Thomas Nelson House in Yorktown, they need to be reminded the present gardens are from the twentieth century, designed and created by the Blow family who purchased the properties in 1914.   Images and drawings of the Blow’s formal garden can be viewed inside the Nelson House.  In 1968 the properties were acquired by the National Park Service (NPS).  The Blow’s formal garden was from the property sale, never retained its beauty due to priorities and costs associated with NPS maintenance.   Garden club volunteer assistance is hampered by government imposed restrictions on garden care.  Hopefully, one day there can be some lifting of these in order to create a better impression of the former beauty of the gardens.  (Click the link to view the document.)

‘An account of a Cucumber’

The Nelsons and the Botanical Kitchen Garden

Emma Earnet

University of Virginia

Blow Gardens at the Thomas Nelson, Jr. House - February 4, 2011

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